I’m so stoked to share the NEW Moxie Press & Company website with everyone. While we wait for the web design and letterpress to finish making out feel free to view my work on all the social networks.
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Moxie Press & Company is a one man letterpress and design shop run by designer/illustrator/letterer Chris Undi. I’ve set out to make unique and sensibly designed letterpress printing for everyone. Letterpress is the perfect marriage of art & skill; a love of craftsmanship.

I love taking on projects that are as unique as the person I’m working with. Projects that are not afraid to let loose and have fun. I take a modern, light-hearted approach to letterpress & design. If this is all making your brain tingle with excitement and you’re ready for an awesome, one-of-a-kind letterpress experience, then I hope you’ll say hello to me through the magic of the interwebs. I can’t wait to work with you!


These consist of graphic design, letterpress, die-cutting, and hand lettering. Loud music and espresso will be had during all. And don't worry, I always wash my hands after kerning.

Design like a boss!

Flipping pantone books like a mofo and matchin' colors like a pro. I've got over 10 years of experience designing from branding to logos; print to digital. Let me show you how my designs can really leave an impression.

Roll & Punch

Whether its a love tap or crash printing, letterpress always seems to arrouse the tactile senses. This is my passion and I never tire of seeing each project born from ink to paper.


I love the gesture of the human hand and the unique mark it leaves behind. Hand-lettering gives that certain personalization that lets you know love was put into each and every stroke.